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    Thank you so much

    Just letting you know how my son is getting on after his treatment this week. He is like a new man who has just been given the best gift ever. After years of pain and discomfort, and searching for relief from various so called experts, nobody could help him. He then went to see you on the recommendation of us (That is another great tale) and when he came out I couldn’t believe the transformation in him. He was beaming with delight as he told me about the problems with his spine and pelvis that had been longstanding, and that you had found them immediately. The pain relief seemed immediate and a few days later he is saying that he feels ’normal’ for the first time in years, actually since he was about seven. He is now twenty two. He was diagnosed with HMS (hypermobility syndrome) years ago, but nobody thought to check his spine. I wish that doctors would recognise the Dorn Method because so many people would benefit greatly from it. Last night he went to twist his back to make it pop as he has needed to for years, otherwise the pain got too bad. However, this time he only did it due to habit, and his eyes stood out on stalks as he told me that it didn’t even pop. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and respect you more than you would ever believe.

    Jo Phipps


    Great workshop

    I spent a wonderful weekend re-training in the Dorn Technique at Dorn Haus, which I trained in many years ago, and have enjoyed refreshing and re-using this amazing back and joint therapy. Thank you to Bigitte Nath for her wonderful teaching and to Tom Nath for being a model. I was part of a great group of people doing this training and feel tired but accomplished today!

    Ann Collingwood


    Simply Fantastic

    I am so happy to have experienced this amazing therapy that is so simple and effective. I was blown away and cannot wait to use this and help people discover with self help.. this great technique. Brigitte is so passionate about the treatment it’s roots and how she teaches it, you can’t help being amazed. Her son Thomas was equally knowledgeable supportive and friendly. It was a most enjoyable experience and I hope to continue to advanced level in the future. Thank you Brigitte x

    Julie Moore


    Awesome therapy

    This is an awesome musculoskeletal therapy. Will see you again shortly.

    J T

    Stratford upon Avon01/05/2019

    Shoulder Pain

    I have recently been suffering from extreme shoulder pain. Tommy was brilliant and located the area of pain immediately and has significantly reduced the tension and pain. I have seen Tommy in the past and would always go back to him and would highly recommend him! Thanks Tommy

    Angela B

    Stratford upon Avon26/04/2019

    Amazing Method

    Amazing method .I use it every day in my massage studio. The best thing I ever learnt to do.

    Garry A


    Amazing Treatment

    Such an amazing life changing treatment. I use it all the time.

    Jo S


    Most Powerful Healing

    Yesterday I was given the most powerful healing that I have ever received in my life! Thank you to my colleague Tommy at Dorn Haus. YOU ARE AMAZING!

    Ann C.

    Stratford upon Avon22/01/2019

    Massive Relief

    My back at the moment has improved massively. Thank you Tom for fixing me over the last couple of weeks! Such a relief!

    J A

    Stratford upon Avon22/01/2019

    Amazing Treatment!

    I was suffering with excruciating pain in my left leg and buttock and had been down the conventional route of Doctors, strong prescription painkillers and various physiotherapists, when I came across the Dorn Haus website. An MRI scan had already revealed a bulging disc and subsequent trapped nerve. Due to increasing pain resulting in decreasing mobility, surgery was being discussed as an option. With nothing to lose, I contacted Brigitte and she saw me at short notice. Brigitte was thorough, yet gentle and empathetic; after the initial session, there was significant improvement and I was able to walk a short distance unaided. I was treated by Brigitte regularly for a couple of few months and my left side is now free from pain. I would highly recommend this treatment, especially if you are reading this and have tried other methods with little success. Try it as it might just be the solution to your problems… Thank you so very much Brigitte!

    Caroline T

    Stratford upon Avon07/10/2018