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    Amazing Treatment!

    I was suffering with excruciating pain in my left leg and buttock and had been down the conventional route of Doctors, strong prescription painkillers and various physiotherapists, when I came across the Dorn Haus website. An MRI scan had already revealed a bulging disc and subsequent trapped nerve. Due to increasing pain resulting in decreasing mobility, surgery was being discussed as an option. With nothing to lose, I contacted Brigitte and she saw me at short notice. Brigitte was thorough, yet gentle and empathetic; after the initial session, there was significant improvement and I was able to walk a short distance unaided. I was treated by Brigitte regularly for a couple of few months and my left side is now free from pain. I would highly recommend this treatment, especially if you are reading this and have tried other methods with little success. Try it as it might just be the solution to your problems… Thank you so very much Brigitte!

    Caroline T

    Stratford upon Avon07/10/2018

    Informative & Enjoyable Weekend Workshop

    I'd discovered The Dorn Method through a therapist friend of mine and was so impressed by the success of the treatments that both myself and my 3 daughters received from her that I was interested to learn the technique. I have recently trained in anatomy and physiology and holistic massage and found Brigette's weekend Dorn Method workshop both informative and enjoyable. We were only a small group but this was beneficial for us students and both Brigette and Tom were very attentive to us ladies. We were supplied with an excellent manual which will be very useful to refer to and is very easy to follow. Brigette has a natural and calm approach to teaching her workshops and Tom shared this approach making the weekend fun but also stimulating. The Dorn Method is a simple and very effective therapy and one I look forward to treating my friends and family with and maybe, eventually, utilising to help others. Many thanks Brigette and Tom.

    Erica Waters


    2 day Intro workshop

    I just completed the 2 day intro workshop and am really impressed. Brigitte is an excellent teacher, very knowledgable and patient. Her step by step approach made learning and practising a real enjoyment. I have left the course full of enthusiasm to practise and learn more and attend an advanced workshop. Thank you Brigitte and Tom for a great value for money workshop.

    Darren Johnson


    Great method!

    After years of lower back and neck pain I found Brigitte's approach very empathetic and refreshing. Being treated while keeping gently mobile made so much sense and I am amazed that the many other remedial treatments that I've received in the UK over the years haven't adopted this approach. Together with Tom Nath's sports massage that is conveniently located at the same place, I received excellent care and pain relief from Brigitte at Dorn Haus. Thank you!

    Netty Rawlings


    Give Dorn a go

    Thought it time to give Brigitte Nath of Dorn Method UK a big shout out. After my trip to Ireland in the summer all the driving induced sciatica. I struggled along for a few months but it wasn't going away so being a chap who likes things alternative decided to give the Dorn Method a go. Brigitte is the official UK trainer in this method and I am lucky enough to know her ol' man Gerard through my other work in car design. Just one session and some simple and gentle maintenance exercises have sorted it, yes it was that effective. So if you’ve longstanding back or joint pain and have tried everything else, give Dorn a go.

    Bob Brennan


    Amazing Weekend

    I attended the Dorn Method Workshop held on 21/22nd October 2017 which included training on the Dorn Method and Breuss Massage.  I had experienced this treatment first hand from Brigitte with remarkable results and this sparked my interest to learn the technique.  The whole weekend was informative, relaxed and incredibly supportive.  Brigitte was patient ensuring that the group understood everything fully before we moved onto the next step of the course.  She is knowledgeable and very passionate about the Dorn Method and this is evident in her training which really inspires people to do their best.  The course was very practical with lots of opportunity to practice the steps on each other (which I like because that is the way I learn best).  We also came away with a comprehensive manual to "back up" our learning.  I would definitely recommend this course to anyone, lay person or professional who has an interest in a safe approach to back care.  Thank you to Brigitte for an amazing weekend and to Tom who supported her throughout the weekend with his encouraging, calm and supportive manner.

    Shirley Warrington


    Worked a miracle

    I arrived to see Brigitte bent in half, unable to walk without assistance and feeling dreadful. After a session, I was able to walk a bit straighter and within a week I was back to normal. Gentle non invasive treatments is certainly the way forward. I would thoroughly recommend anyone to see Brigitte. Apart from being such a lovely lady, she knows her stuff.



    Great Course

    Just completed the 2 day Introductory course to the Dorn Method.  It was excellent.  I was a bit skeptical before going on the course about how much I could learn that would be genuinely useful but was amazed that such fairly simple techniques could have such a dramatic effect.  There were five of us on the course and the other four all had experience of working as body therapists.  Two of the attendees in particular had many years experience of working in massage and physiotherapy and both of them were equally as surprised at the effectiveness of the technique for treating joint problems.  In some cases the effect was instant!   I was also very impressed by the self-help philosophy of the Dorn Method and the idea that not only does the therapist treat and help people with back and joint problems but they send them away with practical advice and an exercise programme to be able to treat themselves and prevent recurrence of the same problems.  So even if you don't want to set yourself up in business as a Dorn therapist if, like me, you have a large family then the techniques learned are great for keeping your friends and family healthy and mobile.

    Gerry Ritchie



    As a Physiotherapist and Sport Therapist,  I am presented on a daily basis with spinal misalignments and varied joint conditions. The Dorn Method had a huge impact on me through its efficiency. It is a simple technique, which has a tremendous effect on correcting spinal and different joint problems. The Dorn method uses correction in a gentle, safe, effective and non-invasive way. In my case, with my frozen shoulder the results were immediate after only one treatment my range of movement was increased by 80%. I highly recommend this form of treatment and enormously encourage Therapist to train on The Dorn Method course. These new skills that I have been taught by Brigitte are an immense asset to utilize in my practice and to achieve more effective results for my patients. I have already enhanced my treatment plan using these new skills much to my patients delight. I would like to offer my gratitude and appreciation to Brigitte for sharing this brilliant concept. Brigitte is an excellent teacher and delivered the course in a relaxed and easy manner, and demonstrated a wide range of knowledge. I would like to thank the guys on the course for being fantastic, always offering support and advice and making it a fun day. I can't wait for the advanced day! Thank you so much Brigitte and Tom.

    Sandy Leaf


    Excellent course

    I attended the Dorn training course in London. The course was excellent and Brigitte was very knowledgeable and professional. The manual we were given was clear and easy to understand. I would thoroughly recommend this course. I am now doing the case studies (I have a lot of volunteers) and already getting really positive results. Looking forward to the advanced day later this year. Thank you Brigitte and Tom 😀

    Diana Drayton

    New Milton01/06/2017