The Dorn Method, Help for Back & Joint Pain

Helping people overcome Back & Joint Pain with the Dorn Method

Here at Dorn Haus we use The Dorn Method for Back pain and Joint pain therapy. It was developed in Germany over 40 years ago and although you may not have heard about this wonderful therapy, generally people turn to the Dorn Method because all else has failed, particularly after suffering many years with lower back pain, headaches, joint pain, etc.

Thanks to extremely positive feedback from people who have experienced Dorn Method therapy its reputation is growing strongly and there are now more and more Complementary Therapists and healthcare professionals begining to learn its powerful techniques world wide.


So what is The Dorn Method?

Dorn is a gentle manual therapy which focuses on helping alleviate the causes of common Back and Joint pain problems in people of all ages. It is used to correct misalignments of the spine and other joints, thus helping to alleviate many common health problems from Back pain and Sciatica to Migraines and very much more.

The Dorn Method is a very gentle and safe therapy where the Therapist works in harmony together with the patient using a range of specific techniques and exercises in a unique ‘dynamic’ approach, enabling joints to move easily back into place and so restoring balance to the body. Dorn therapy avoids unnecessary stress to muscles and ligaments involving no jerky manipulation or ‘clicking’ and ‘crunching’ of joints which people may fear or dislike.


Adressing the cause of the problem, not just treating the symptoms

The Dorn Method uses an Holistic approach, considering the body as a whole. It does not involve the use of conventional drug therapy to simply treat the symptoms of Back Pain as you would typically find using orthodox medicine, but instead the Dorn Method focuses on the correcting the root cause of the underlying problem.


What do Dorn Method Sessions Involve?

Your first session at Dorn Haus will begin with an initial consultation to discuss your problem. If it is felt Dorn Method would be beneficial, the therapy is then explained and offered to you. This initial session usually lasts around an hour, whereas any follow on sessions typically last 40 minutes.

During a typical Dorn Method session you will be actually working together with the Therapist rather than remaining completely passive. You'll begin with an initial leg length comparison check because a high percentage of people suffering from back pain show a slight leg length difference due mostly to lifetsyle factors bearing on hip joints and muscles.

Next your pelvis is checked for any misalignment, followed by a lumbar, thoracic (spinal column) and cervical vertebrae (neck) check. Most back pain can be attributed to the vertebrae in your spine being slightly out of place, which puts pressure on the nerves running along and out of the spinal column. Therefore a lot of focus will be on correcting vertebrae as necessary. This is a gentle process and you will find yourself working actively with the therapist during this procedure. Unique to the Dorn Method, and to try to help prevent future problems from re-occurring you may also be shown how to carry out simple corrections alon with self-help exercises for you to carry out at home.


How Many Sessions will I need?

This is a common question. Typically around 3 sessions will usually be all that's required to help get a satisfactory result for people suffering common Back and Joint pain issues. Remember that joints and muscles get 'used' to being in a certain condition over time, and consequently it can take a little time and effort to get those joints back into their naturally correct positions. In difficult cases we may also recommend additional muscle work using Remedial Massage therapy to help things along.


What are Therapy Costs?

Dorn Method therapy costs are:

Initial Consultation and first therapy session - £55
(Approx. 60 mins)

Follow on therapy sessions - £45
(Appprox. 40 mins)

Dorn Therapy/Breuss Massage Combined - £55
(Approx. 60mins)

Breuss Spinal Massage - £35
(Approx. 30mins)

Children up to age 12 - £25

Children up to age 16 - £30

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