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Dorn Haus focuses on helping clients overcome health issues such as Back and Joint Pain, Sciatica, Muscular problems and much more.

If you have a specific health issue such as Back Pain, Sciatica, or a muscle injury due to a work or sporting accident, then we can offer help with


Home of the UK Dorn Method
Therapy for Back Pain

Dorn Haus is home to the UK Dorn Method Centre, providing high quality Dorn Method Back Pain therapy for clients along with first class training for new practitioners.
The Dorn Method is a popular therapy for back and joint care developed in Germany and now growing around the world. It is uniquely different from Chiropractic or Osteopathy, for more information about the Dorn Method please click here or visit the Dorn Method Website


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Do you suffer from Back Pain, Neck Pain or Sciatica?

Back Pain The good news is help is available for most Back Pain and related health conditions like Sciatica. You should not have to put up with continuous pain or discomfort.

Here at Dorn Haus we are proud of our high level of success, as can be seen by the positive feedback provided by our clients.

We are also pleased to say that many people who come to us go on to recommend us to their family, friends and colleagues.

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Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy to help get you moving again...

Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage is not only for sports people. Tommy our resident Sports Massage Therapist helps people with all sorts of muscular problems relating not just to sports injuries and strains, but also occupational and lifestyle stresses.

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